Jessy hails from the exotic lands of French Canada, and exhibits the easy elegance and joie de vivre the inhabitants of Quebec are known for. Her favourite thing in the world? Laughing uncontrollably, an infectious habit. Jessy has been involved with event planning since 2010 and had contributed to projects in Los Angeles, New York, Australia and Toronto. Weddings and social events are her specialty. She has an uncanny eye for style and beauty, which combined with an obsessive commitment to organization and detail makes her a force to be reckoned with.

Oh, and she’s a gym rat. Don’t mess with her.




She thrives to live life to its fullest! Enjoying life and its greatest moments, savouring fine foods with loved ones; the words she lives by.  This has defined Laurence as she comes from a large French Canadian family where events and gatherings are the norm. She translates this uniquely into her work.

Having studied event planning and fashion design, along with her many years in the fashion industry, Laurence sure does have an eye for detail, a desire for perfection, and a vision to create beauty in all that she pursues.

Just so you know, she can be a little OCD!