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Top 10 Wedding Traditions That Started From Ancient Myth

Marriage is an ancient tradition based on the exchange of goods, land, money and the promise of family alliances in times of war. Eventually, brides began to demand more from the transaction, and the notion of a romantic union was born. As old as marriage is, you can bet that many of its traditions are steeped in religious or even pagan superstition. In fact, the customs we’re so used to seeing in modern weddings have their origins as far back as Roman times.

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Wedding Skincare Tips: Achieve the Event Glow on a Budget

Days and weeks before your wedding or big event, the stress of planning might be showing up on your skin. Dry itchy patches, dark circles, puffy eyes, and a dull complexion are nothing too serious, but they can make us feel unconscious about how we’re going to look on our important day. While many of us understand the basics of skincare, there are extra steps you can take to achieve your event glow without spending a fortune.

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