Top 5 Weird Wedding Bouquet Ideas We Really Love

Every bride wants an unforgettable bridal look, and an out-of- the-ordinary bouquet can make it happen. Quirky and unusual wedding bouquets seldom go unnoticed. It is also a practical and exciting option to consider when you are not fond of traditional flowers.

If you are a bride who prefers a non-traditional, weird bouquet, here are 5 unusual ideas to inspire you.

#1 Paper flowers

A paper flower bouquet will add a creative touch to your wedding. Inexpensive, pretty and long-lasting, it will also be a delightful keepsake. Create your bouquet with origami flowers of different colors, sizes and textures, so it resembles a real flower bouquet. Further, personalize it with beads, glitter, crystals and other embellishments. Visit this tutorial on Lia Griffith for a beautiful paper rose bouquet that we love.

#2 Burlap bouquet

Burlap is a popular décor element in rustic and country wedding themes. If you love the natural texture and rugged look of this fabric, consider matching your bridal look to the wedding theme with burlap flowers in your bouquet. Burlap pairs well with lace, cotton and satin. Therefore, faux roses made from burlap strips, with satin and cotton ribbons are perfect for a rustic-theme wedding.

#3 Button bouquet

Button bouquets are quickly replacing brooch bouquets as bridal favorites. These innovative and
colorful bouquets feature hundreds of new and vintage buttons in bespoke patterns. Whether your wedding style is vintage, shabby chic, Gothic or fairytale, it is possible to design a matching bouquet. Most custom bouquets include plastic buttons and felt accents. There are also bouquets with glass buttons, beads and charms. Since they last forever, button bouquets often end up as sentimental heirlooms that can be handed down from one generation to the next. You can find an exciting variety of button bouquets here, on the Jamball creations website.

#4 Crochet wedding bouquet

Flowers are one of the easiest things to crochet. From tiny round blooms to elaborate and intricate beauties, it is possible to design crochet flowers in any size and style. You can have roses, carnations, daffodils, sunflowers or any other crocheted version of your favorite flowers in your bridal bouquet, and these handcrafted beauties will stay fresh forever. Whether you prefer a traditional nosegay or a dramatic cascade, you can assemble individual flowers into a chosen shape for maximum impact.

#5 Feather and crystal bouquet

Enhance your glamour quotient with a spectacular feather and crystal bouquet. With interesting texture and colors, feathers add a bold and unexpected twist to the bridal look. You can use crystal brooches and beaded embellishments to add sparkle and enhance the visual appeal of your feather bouquet. Feathers can also be added to regular flower bouquets for a touch of vintage charm.

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