5 Wedding Trends for 2018 That We’re Most Excited About

A new year brings in new beginnings and fresh starts. It’s also the perfect time to assess your wedding plans and to search the horizon for upcoming trends for the spring/summer wedding season. If you want to host the most stylish wedding of the year, check out these 5 wedding trends for 2018 that everyone is talking about.

#1: Black Accents

This year, bridal dress trends range from minimalist pant-suits to deep, deep V-neck floor-length gowns. But one trend we’re expecting to explode in 2018 is the use of black accents on bridal dresses. On the runway, we’ve seen black satin belts, large bows, even cocktail gloves. One thing is for sure, brides in 2018 are more willing to step outside the pale colour palette and choose bolder wedding dress colours. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with keeping it traditional too!

#2: Balloons

If you thought balloons were just for kids’ birthday parties or for fooling around with helium, then 2018 is the year to turn your opinion around. Balloons are poised to become a huge decor hit this year. Balloons are versatile, inexpensive, colourful, and playful. With the right colour palette and placement, your balloon decor will not only be striking but will complement any wedding venue. If you’re worried about the potential of balloons popping during the speeches, just remember that the further out of reach you place them, the more likely they will survive the night. Buying high-quality balloons won’t hurt, either!

#3: Cultural Destination Weddings

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to invite a handful of your closest friends and family to celebrate your wedding on a remote island in the South Pacific? If a destination wedding is totally your idea of a perfect ceremony, consider embracing the culture of the destination you plan to visit. In 2018, many couples will be adopting the wedding customs and traditions of their destination in order to fully experience the country’s culture.

#4: A Fresh Take on Florals

Many experts are predicting that floral walls are going to stay in the past and that couples will start to choose more greenery and less manicured floral displays. Prepare to see a lot of natural green this year, such as live bars, terracotta flower pot centrepieces, shrubbery, and especially hanging florals. When it comes to the flowers themselves, blush and barely-there pastels are out and moody, rich, and deep colours are in. Why not go a little bold with your centrepieces by choosing eye-catching oranges, purples, and turquoises. As for bridal bouquets, expect a minimalist approach with simple dogwood bouquets taking the lead in the most anticipated bouquet trend.

#5: Small Weddings

In 2018, it’s all about economy. The size of bridal parties is expected to shrink to two or three bridesmaids and grooms and a very exclusive guest list. There are many advantages to having small weddings, such as saving money and/or spreading your money further. But deciding to have a small wedding doesn’t have to be about saving money, and anyone who’s had a small ceremony of their own can tell you that smaller doesn’t necessarily mean cheaper. The smaller the guest list, the more intimate the wedding, which is exactly what some couples crave.


Are you on track for your 2018 wedding plans? At STORI Events, we’re committed to realizing the wedding of your dreams, whether it’s the one you’ve been planning since you were 10 years old or the one that fits into the latest trends. Contact STORI Events today for inquiries.

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