The Quick Guide to Hiring a Food Truck for Your Next Event

Food trucks are an excellent alternative to traditional catering and can set the tone for the entire event. Whether you’re satisfied with serving your guests burgers and fries or you have something loftier in mind like fresh poké, a food truck adds plenty of value to your event. If you’re interested in serving your guests freshly made meals from the city’s favourite food trucks, here is a quick guide to getting it right.

Parking at the Venue

It’s hard to tell what is more famous, the truck or the food. When you’re considering hiring a moving restaurant, one of the first things you should find out is if the truck is able to serve the guests directly. Part of the appeal of food trucking is the novelty of getting your grub from the truck window. If there are parking restrictions or other limitations that prevent the driver from pulling straight up to the venue, ask yourself if it’s worth it.

Streamlining the Menu

You don’t want your guests to be waiting in line all evening. Let’s face it: making food from scratch for a hundred people from inside a truck takes some time. There are a few ways to work around this inevitability, the most practical one being to shorten the menu list. Work with the chef to select only one or two of their most famous dishes, which will streamline the work and speed everything up.  

Another way to accelerate service is to add another food truck to the venue. First, consider if this makes sense financially, as a single food truck should be able to handle just over 100 people in an hour. If you want to serve faster than that, adding another vendor altogether will give your guests variety and faster service.

Division of Labour

Food trucks are no strangers to catering events, so they should be quite familiar with signing a contract that clearly outlines their duties. It’s important that both you and the chef/owner understand who is responsible for what, otherwise your event won’t run smoothly. When drafting a contract, here are some important points to determine:

  • Garbage cleanup: who takes care of collecting food waste during and after the event?

  • Waiters: Do you want to serve appetizers outside the food truck? If so, who is responsible for that?

  • Serving dishes, serviettes, plates, cutlery: While food trucks traditionally serve food on disposable paper plates, you may want to consider going green by using china and glass. This reduces waste and cost.

  • Alcohol: Who is responsible for serving alcohol? Ensure that the necessary liquor licences are up-to-date.

Setting up Promotion

Toronto has its Fidel Gastro’s and Montreal has Pas d’Cochon Dans Mon Salon. If you want to give your guests a truly authentic city experience, giving them a chance to eat like a local will make them feel right at home. Every city has its own “best” coffee stand, its number one burger truck, its go-to taco place. Using the food truck’s popularity to your advantage will lend notoriety to your event and make it a truly (insert city name here) event.

Because food trucks are well-known in the community, it’s important to determine how your event will be promoted. Take advantage of the well-known name of the food truck company on your invitations and signage, and ask the food truck company to announce the event on their social media pages.

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