Fun & Affordable Ways to Relieve Stress Before Your Event

As the big day draws near, you may start to feel yourself panicking that you won’t finish the preparations on time, that your guests won’t come or if they do come they won’t enjoy themselves, that your vision won’t be executed properly, that the caterer won’t show up, and that you accidentally printed the wrong time on the invitations. If you find your stress spiralling out of control, it’s time to take a step back from planning and take a deep breath. Here are 5 affordable ways to relieve stress before your big event.

#1: Ask for Help

When something is really important to us, we have a tendency to want to take control of it. While that’s an ideal solution of any planner, it’s not realistic. Letting go and asking for help for certain aspects of the event will literally lessen the burden. If you’re really struggling with wanting to let someone in and help, choose something that you’re most comfortable with “letting go” of and ask for someone you trust to take over. The next step is to forget about it. You might immediately feel like you can breathe just a little bit better.

#2: Spoil Yourself at the Spa

Nothing relieves stress like a good head-to-toe seaweed wrap. Check yourself into a spa and feel the stress roll right off you. Indulging in perfectly relaxing activities like a manicure, massage, facial, and mud bath in a calm and soothing atmosphere will not only give you a blissful moment of peace and quiet, but it will also force you to sit still and be alone with your thoughts. Take a couple of moments to meditate, practice deep breathing exercises, or simply think of nothing at all.

#3: Take a Hike

There’s something about the fresh smell of nature that reinvigorates us and refocuses our energy. Hiking through the woods has many health benefits. The exercise gives us a quick boost of endorphins, while the quiet, natural atmosphere forces us to step back and reassess. When it comes to stress relief, hiking or any sort of outdoor activity—even taking a walk through an urban park—has been known to have a positive effect on people’s moods. The next time you find yourself threatening to throw your computer across the room, step away entirely from your workstation, strap on those walking shoes, and head outside.

#4: Do Something Childish

Playing video games, going to the arcade, jumping on a trampoline, or challenging your friends to a game of laser tag may seem like something a teenager would do for fun, but here’s a little secret: it’s still fun no matter how old you are! As we get older, we tend to forget about those activities that truly brought us joy. If you’re feeling stressed, it’s often the most purely childish things that can make us laugh, relax, and forget about everything. If you’re in the mood for something really fun to do, forget about cocktails, spa days, and massages, and start thinking water balloon fights, amusement parks, and trips to the zoo.

#5: Take a Day Off

The simplest solution to your event-planning stress is probably to just take a day off. Turn off your alarm clock, stay in your pyjamas all day, catch up on sleep or Netflix or both, and just veg on the couch all day. This may be a good time to eat a decent meal, do a load of laundry, read a good book, listen to your favourite podcast, go for a swim, or simply channel surf. This is your day to leave your stress at the door and simply shut off the business side of your brain. While most of your days are probably filled with appointments, meetings, paperwork, phone calls, travelling, arranging, and rearranging, you need at least one day where you can forget about your responsibilities. This may sound like an absolute waste of time, especially so close to your event, but trust us, you’ll feel so much more relaxed.

If none of these stress-relieving tips are working, avoid the stress entirely by hiring a planner for your next event. STORI Events will work with you from concept to execution to turn your vision into a masterpiece.