Pinterest-Free Inspiration for Your Next Big Event

You never know where or when inspiration is going to strike. Planning a big event requires imagination, creativity, and organizational skills to execute with success. Organizational skills can be taught, but using your imagination and creativity to conceptualize the theme, colours, layout, menu, and general ambience of the event often requires a little inspiration. Many of us are guilty of using Pinterest for all our event ideas. While there’s nothing wrong with Pinterest, the danger of using it as your sole source of inspiration is that your event may end up looking exactly like someone else’s. To realize your vision of an exceptional event, don’t forget about these reliable sources:

Magazines (Not Just Bridal)

The original Pinterest. Magazines are packed from front to back with high-gloss images that have been professionally put together to sell you a look or feeling. If you’re searching for inspiration for your wedding, we encourage you to look beyond the bridal magazines. Try monthlies that specialize in interior design, country gardens, high fashion, and architecture. You never know what you’re going to find in the pages of these magazines. But if you come across an image that moves you to the point where you simply cannot flip to the next page, you have just landed on inspiration, my friend.

Create your own mood board. Cut out your favourite clippings and combine them together to visualize how all the details of your event will come together.


Movies aren’t always about the dialogue and the action. Scenery and set design have inspired pop culture and event themes for decades. What would a Halloween party be without the hundreds of horror movies that inspired them? Movies are a great source of inspiration for any type of event. Personalize your event by incorporating the style, look, and colour palette of your favourite movie.


Have you ever read a book with a passage that was so beautifully written that you just wanted to curl up inside it? Have you ever wanted to step into the world of a fictional story just to live a day in the life of a cherished character? Books have inspired and moved us since the beginning of literature. Buildings have been erected based on the words written in books. There’s no doubt that literature is a powerful source of inspiration. The possibilities are limitless.

Here’s a tip: Classic children’s books are full of whimsical descriptions that spare no details.


Colour palettes are extremely important. Not all of us, however, are gifted with the eye for colour. Even choosing the wrong shade can completely throw off the decor. Artwork has the ability to immediately show us colours that work well together and that elicit the exact mood you’re looking for. Go to a museum or flip through an artbook to find the colour palette to inspire that perfect decor.

If you have a vision, but you aren’t sure how to execute it, you’re not alone. STORI Events has helped many people turn their dream event into a real success. We’ll develop your inspiration into a full concept and make sure that your big day is styled to perfection. Contact us today for more details.


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