How to Approach Companies to Sponsor Your Next Event

One thing is true about any event you plan: finding ways to save money is a top priority. If you can manage to cut corners without looking like you’ve cut corners, then you will save big time on event spending. One of the great ways to save money, create partnerships, earn free publicity, and guarantee a great product/service is to find a company that will sponsor your event. Sponsorship advertising is great for brands who want to reach their customers in different ways and, in some cases, show they care about the community they’re serving.

Here are some things to consider before approaching a company for sponsorship:

Is the Product or Service Relevant to Your Event?

Are you planning a charity event to raise money for breast cancer awareness? Are you throwing an office Christmas party for a laid-back start-up company? Have you been hired to plan a beautiful country wedding? Before approaching a company, consider the nature of your event. If the theme of the event is serious, sensitive, and gender-specific, like the charity event for breast cancer, there is probably no need to partner with a men’s clothing company, for example. Another company’s partnership may be more relevant to the cause.

Is the Product or Service Appropriate?

Speaking about that charity event for breast cancer awareness, consider how inappropriate it would be to approach Budweiser or Coors Light for a sponsorship. Keep in mind, companies only want to sponsor events that are in line with their brand persona, so they’d likely be more interested in that office Christmas party than a serious event. An inappropriate sponsorship can appear insensitive, crass, or confusing. Our best advice: do your research.

Has the Company Sponsored Before?

You’re planning a grand opening party for a new children’s toy store that sells luxury handmade toys and puzzles. All the neighbourhood kids are invited to come. You think the perfect sponsorship would be a local bakery that sells the most delicious and adorable mini-cupcakes. It seems like a match made in heaven. There’s only one problem: they have never sponsored an event before. Don’t overlook this small detail. Find out if that bakery is even equipped to sponsor an event outside their four walls. While they may be expert bakers, they may not have the skills, manpower, equipment, and—most importantly—time to take on your event.

Does the Company Have a Good Reputation?

Consumers care about where their products come from more than ever before. They want to know if the brands they buy care about the planet and the people living on it. Believe it or not, this does affect many people’s spending habits. Never forget that sponsorship opportunities are mutually beneficial. Companies use sponsorship to create positive publicity, improve brand awareness, and demonstrate their corporate values. However, not every company has a stellar reputation. Before partnering with a brand, make sure that their reputation won’t make you guilty by association.

Most importantly, try and partner with companies that you want at your event. Use your instinct and personal taste to find the brand that will transform any occasion into the stellar event you envisioned. Alternatively, you can partner with STORI Events. Over the years, we’ve developed strong relationships with important sponsors and partners whose expertise and brand power have contributed to our event success. Contact us today for inquiries.

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