The Do’s and Don’t’s of Throwing a Holiday Corporate Event

The end of the year is approaching, which means that you might have already started planning your company’s annual holiday party or charity event. There are many ways to give back to the community and to show your appreciation for your employees, and throwing an amazing corporate event is the perfect way to say thanks. Before you start ordering a catering service and picking out ice sculptures, here are some do’s and don’t’s of throwing a corporate party.

DON’T Do it All By Yourself

We’re not trying to say that you can’t plan an event all by yourself, but it’s probably best to delegate. As professional event planners, we always rely on our trusted team to help us bring our vision to life. Taking care of an entire evening, from details to execution, may seem like the only way that everything can be done to your standards, but it’s not recommended.

DO Get a Consensus

Building a team of trusted assistants allows you to get a consensus of what employees are hoping to experience at this year’s party. Don’t just assume what your guests want. Ask around. Consulting with others shows that you’re a team player and that you’re using the budget on something that will really be appreciated.

DON’T Alienate Your Guests

It’s the holiday season, and no matter how incredible your party is, it’s important to remember that December is the busiest time of year for people. When planning your event, keep in mind that guests may want to spend time with their families, go Christmas shopping, or attend their children’s end-of-year pageants. If you must throw your event on a Friday, consider giving your guests the option to bring a plus one.

DO Attend the Event

Your job isn’t over when the party starts. Attending the event allows you to make sure that everything you spent so long to plan is running smoothly and (most importantly) your guests are enjoying themselves. If the air is stagnant, it’s your job to get people talking. If the dance floor is empty, encourage people to let loose.

DON’T Make it All About the Company

Whether you’re sponsoring a charity fundraiser or hosting your annual holiday shindig, avoid the common pitfall of using it as a platform to express just how darn amazing the company is. Instead, use this as a time to show your guests that they’re the reason the company is so great. Turn the focus on the individual donor or worker, and make the night about their contributions, sacrifices, and hard work.

DO Make it Interactive

Transform a nice evening into an incredible experience by integrating an interactive element into your event where guests can have fun and get to know each other. Turn the event into a Casino Night, throw a Dancing With the Stars competition, or set up icebreakers for individual tables.

DON’T Keep it Quiet

No matter what your event is for, make it known on social media by announcing the date on your company account and posting regular updates up to and during the party. On the day of the event, encourage guests to live tweet or post pictures using your event’s hashtag. If you’re hosting a charity event this holiday season, media exposure is crucial to the company’s continued reputation and community involvement. Charity fundraisers don’t exist inside a vacuum. Raising public awareness about a social issue is the only way to garner interest and financial contributions from new donors.

Hosting a successful corporate event is a real balancing act. From fine-tuning an exceptional menu to sourcing reputable staff to finding a venue that will go above and beyond your basic needs, organizing a company party on your own can be a real challenge. STORI Events invites you to take a look at our past events to find inspiration for your corporate holiday party or charity fundraiser. Want to know how we bring a touch of magic to every occasion? Contact us today.

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